Sunday, June 26, 2022

La Mitica 2022

 La Mitica 2022

Geez, almost a month with no posts!! What have we been up to?
Heather has been running some academic conferences, we enjoyed a trip to the Aeolian Islands and last week we came up to Piedmont for a couple of weeks.

Since CycleItalia/Piedmont Cycling Resort has been closed, we have a lot of stuff that we no longer need. We'll keep our own stuff up here as we intend to visit regularly but we need to get rid of a lot of bikes, parts, equipment that's no longer needed. So Zio Lorenzo is going through it all bit by bit, bike by bike, box by box.

Of course we've been riding and eating well along with some other activities like La Mitica, our favorite bici d'epoca event. Today Zio went to Castellania to see old friends and enjoy old bikes, taking his vintage Bianchi around the short (55 km) route.

Zio in Volpedo, the first ristoro.

Heather was off running in the ancient Nemean Games in Greece so Zio was a uomo solo...but not al comando like Fausto Coppi though the Campionissimo's son Faustino was a guest-of-honor on a weekend all about Fausto (and Serse) Coppi.

La Mitica is our favorite epoca event for a lot of reasons including the amazing, hands-on management of Pietro Cordelli and his staff, the festive stop in Tortona and the general atmosphere. We've enjoyed all the epoca events we've attended but La Mitica stands out! And for some reason the normally fearsome "rampina" climb this year didn't seem so hard - perhaps because the sterrata surface was more firm and the temperatures were not too hot? It was great to finally enjoy one of these again after a two-year absence even though Zio looks to have come down with Covid-19 as a Thursday he tested positive after feeling bad starting on Wednesday.

Buon lavoro Cordelli & Co..see you next time!!!

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