Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Happy Birthday EROICA!

 EROICA turns 25

That's right, cycling's first true vintage event was started 25 years ago when Giancarlo Brocci and less than 100 others rode the first L'Eroica.

Harry & Leather at "L'Eroica Gaiole 2011 as "bandits"

Zio Lorenzo had read about it for years, thinking it was just up our alley when it came to cycling! We finally got there in 2011 though not officially entered. But we dressed up in (sort of) period costumes and rode (sort of) period bikes as you can see above (more about that HERE) to get out there for a taste. Needless to say we loved it!

Zio Lorenzo's home office decor

Since then we've built up a few vintage bikes and enjoyed not only bici d'epoca events in Tuscany but also in Piedmont and elsewhere. We'd likely be in Tuscany this weekend helping Brocci and Co celebrate 25 years but Heather's currently limited to riding her e-bike so maybe 2023? We also have plans to eventually ride the entire signposted EROICA route over a few days with someone else hauling the luggage.

Vintage bike ride numbers (so far)

As you can see above (and read here on the blog by searching for EROICA) we've enjoyed a lot of these vintage rides, every one of 'em infused with the spirit and passion for cycling that got both of us into it in the first place. We think everyone one of 'em owes a big debt to Brocci, we certainly do!

Buon compleano EROICA e grazie mille Brocci!!!

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