Friday, November 11, 2022

He's BAAAaaack!

 Super Gravel Monster lives on

Perhaps a bit less fugly than before? Zio thinks so. He missed having this bike to ride with Heather on her e-Bianchi Impulso allroad when they hit the local bike trail. Even with the fatter tires and suspension stem, the Torelli Gran Sasso was a bit harsh so having this back from the painter (grazie Michele Favaloro & Co!) is great.

No changes other than fresh paint and a new headset. Kind of an homage to Zio's original fire-road flyer, the Bridgestone MB-1 that was also red. Zio keeps thinking about a modern gravel bike but isn't too keen on disc brakes so Campagnolo EKAR isn't really exactly what he wants, so it's "Super Gravel Monster" for now, though one of these is tempting.

One other change is a 12-24 cogset in back. As a gravel bike a super-low gear like the 28 X 28 wasn't really useful while the huge gaps in the old 7-speed cassette were annoying. A 12-24 will close things up and make for less shifting on the flatter parts of the ride....or at least makes the gaps smaller.

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