Monday, January 30, 2023

Winter in Sicily

 Winter in Sicily

Along the Rossana Maiorca trail north of us.

Apologies if you're shoveling snow now, but this is as wintry as it gets here. Pro teams used to come down here for winter training as we've noted before but these days it seems it's all-Spain all-the-time instead?

Heather's other e-bike remains a work-in-progress as Zio Lorenzo has so far failed (though he did find a bar/stem combo she likes!) to sort-out the brakes. This bike didn't have many kilometers on it when it showed up here but so far Zio's noted the brake rotors don't match, there was a loose (and leaking) hose on the rear and the rear brake caliper had a stuck piston!

Her other e-bikes with very similar braking systems have been fine, only requiring some fiddling with the caliper positions to stop the brakes from dragging, but "Fausto" has so far been a pain!

New pads and rotors are going on along with a new rear caliper while various tools for working on these systems have been purchased. Zio thought he might go to his grave never having to work on hydraulic brake stuff, but no-dice! He still hopes to use most of these tools just this one time but he'll have 'em now, just-in-case,

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