Wednesday, February 22, 2023


 33 Years Ago

Doesn't seem all that long ago, even though it was half-a-lifetime. Our wedding anniversary was yesterday so we took a little trip to Napoli to celebrate.

The view above will seem familiar to many, especially fans of the TV series The Soprano's, right? Zio's favorite episode shows it when Tony and the boys visit Napoli. Click HERE for a link to their arrival scene about 45 seconds in.

We stayed at Hotel Excelsior just like the "Commendatori" enjoying a wonderful Sunday lunch at Umberto 

Where we were pleased to discover 1/2 bottles (375 ml) on their wine list! That way we could enjoy some local bubbly with our antipasto followed by two local reds (chosen with help from the founder's granddaughter) to pair with our first and second plates, all without wasting a bunch of good vino or drinking too much. It was great to enjoy real Neapolitan food in a lively "Sunday lunch" atmosphere.

Our final day included pizza at our favorite place, Attanasio and a visit to our favorite museum. We might have to make this an annual ritual!!

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