Friday, May 17, 2019

Great Pizza Shootout - and the winner is....


Complimenti ragazzi!

After almost 5 months of serious sampling, we gave the #1 to Pizzeria Attanasio. In our review, we originally called them "best of the rest" but as things progressed they moved higher on our list.

We finally had them and one other contender selected - so it came to a pizza to pizza direct comparison. Heather went off to Lombardi a Santa Chiara for a margherita to-go while Zio Lorenzo went off to Attanasio.

We came back to our apartment and held a true slice vs slice comparison to break the tie. That's how close it was!

In the end the crust of the Attanasio pizza just had a fresher and fuller taste which pushed them to the top of our list.

Come down and check 'em out for yourself and let us know what you think.

A special thanks goes to our neighbors at Pizzeria Petrucci - while you didn't win, you were there, just twenty steps away with a pizza margherita in a few minutes for less than 5 euros. Grazie mille!

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