Monday, December 4, 2023

Award Time?

 The Biggest POS in the Sport Awards

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Another WTF, sadly. Jan Ullrich is the subject of a new docuseries where Zio assumes (based on other reports online and on TV) he admits to doping during his career.

Zio read and enjoyed "The Best There Never Was" so there was no surprise when "Kaiser Jan" admitted his sins as part of this docu-series. But when BigTex, the narcissitic sociopath (not surprisingly) had to weigh in it's time to call Tex out.

The nerve of this guy rivals a certain US 2024 presidential candidate. He puts himself on the same level as "Kaiser Jan" and "Il Pirata" - two racers who demonstrated remarkable abilities long before there was any suggestion they were involved in the use of illicit substances, while Tex was alleged to be on-the-juice when still a teenaged tri-jock! Further, some say Tex's physical attributes can not explain his success - without doping.

Then, to make it worse Tex said: "This is the price to pay when you are the best in a sport, you are a symbol. It took me ten years of struggle to get out of that hole."

As Tony Soprano's mother used to say, "Poor you!" One of these people is dead, while the other has struggled with plenty of problems and as far as Zio knows, is far from rich. Meanwhile, Tex seems to have more money than he knows what to do with, but still struggles with narcissistic sociopathy. Does this sound like Tex to you:

Narcissistic sociopaths seek to ingratiate themselves with power, money, pleasure, and other niceties and do so at the expense of others. They might lie, cheat, steal, and manipulate to get their way, and disregard other people’s feelings, needs, wants, and even safety to achieve their goals.*

Sounds like BigTex to Zio! He thinks this punk should be ignored whenever and wherever possible and hopes that perhaps one day he might get the psychiatric help he so badly needs even though it didn't work out so well for Tony Soprano, but for 2023 he gets the blog's POS award!!!

*sounds a lot like that 2024 candidate for US President too, no?

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