Monday, January 8, 2024

Winter Reading

 Winter Reading

Glad we don't have this anymore!

We're really happy the only frozen water we deal with now is the ice in our Aperol Spritz instead of our frozen backyard in Iowa but if you're looking for good reading this winter, take a look HERE. His Alfa-Lum team story is really funny!

Zio Lorenzo really likes the work of Herbie Sykes. If you like his work on that website you'll probably enjoy his books, though some of them can be hard to find.

Zio's reviews of a couple of them can be found HERE, and HERE. He's going to contact Sykes directly for details on finding his books, so check back later*.

*Sykes says most of his books are now out-of-print so suggests AbeBooks or Ebay to buy copies. Sad, but true.

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