Wednesday, February 7, 2024

Bike Weight Part ?

 How much does your bike weigh?

Remember this?
The UCI requires bicycles used in competition to weigh at least 6.8 kg (more-or-less 15 lbs) but a recent look at the bikes used by pro teams showed wide variations.

None of 'em weighed just 6.8 kg! Not one. The lightest was 6.98 kg while the heaviest was a whopping 7.7 kg.

WTF? What happened to all the hype about how a light bike makes such a huge difference in performance? Not that long ago it was lightweight this or lightweight that, marginal gains, saving a gram here or there touted as the key to victory.

What happened? Zio will reply with two words - disc brakes. But that doesn't explain why one World Tour team's machines weigh a pound and a half more than another's while the riders don't seem to care and it doesn't seem relevant to who wins.

Have they realized that 700 grams (1.5 lbs) really doesn't make that much difference?

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