Monday, June 8, 2009

New TORELLI bikes

Back at our HQ and time to blog a bit more about our new bike fleet, especially since I've been able to inspect them a bit more while washing the ones used in the previous tours. 7005 aluminum main triangle and chain stays mated to carbon fork and wishbone seat stays make for a lighter overall package as does the new 10-speed Campagnolo Veloce compact double component group. The workmanship is excellent and the paint exactly matches our earlier bikes. I spent an enjoyable two hours on "Baldini" (shown here) and can report the famous Torelli geometry is faithfully reproduced in this frame, despite the different material and sloping top tube. "No-hands" stability with enough agility to carve your favorite corners with confidence, just like the steel Torelli bikes we've loved for years. The clients who ride them on Cilento Coast and Umbria & Marche said the same things. We're not retiring the all-steel Gran Sasso models but now you have a choice of those or these new lighter models. Thanks again to "Chairman Bill" and Todd of Torelli for their help getting the new fleet produced. Come over and ride one with us!

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  1. Good work on the blog Lorenzo - keep the updates, and the photos, coming.