Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Entertaining the in-laws

After a wonderful Sunday (we managed to get a couple hours out on the bikes after all!) we took Patti and Bob up to Tuscany on Monday. First we stopped at Ferrento to see the ancient theater, then on to Toscana. We stopped by to see our friends at La Palazzina near Radicofani, where Silvano greeted us warmly and wouldn't let us head on towards Monticchiello without samples of their wonderful olive oil. On to pranzo at "La Porta" where Heather made sure her Babbo finally enjoyed a bistecca fiorentina. Years ago he lamented being unable to find a decent steak in Italy and she's been yearning for the chance to set things right. In fact, we ALL had a taste as the thing was over 2 pounds as is traditional, brought to the table on a platter. Dressed with a bit of lemon, olive oil (no surprise there!) and salt and pepper it was wonderful as were the first plates we enjoyed earlier, picci with various sauces or the famous ribollita zuppa. On to Pienza to look around and pick up some Pecorino di Pienza, a bottle of wine from the new DOC "Orcia" (we had some at lunch, Babbo was very satisfied!) along with some wild boar salame and we were back in the car heading "home" after a wonderful day-trip. We'll try to get a photo gallery of their time with us up here soon.

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