Tuesday, April 20, 2010

In-laws in Tuscany Part 2 - photos!

As promised, photos of Patti and Bob in Tuscany. The first shot is the two lovebirds in Pienza enjoying the view of the Orcia valley.
Here you see Bob getting his first look in-person at a famous Fiorentina beefsteak. Though he might have been up for the challenge, he kindly shared this monster (after it was dressed with lemon, olive oil, salt and pepper with the other three of us. A wonderful bottle (or two) of Sangiovese from the new "ORCIA DOC" wine region complemented the steak very well.

Finally you see the happy couple posing in Montichiello with Pienza in the background.
Today was a museum visit followed by a casual lunch in our tiny apartment before we rested up for a Viterbese feast with Mamma Rosanna, Emanuele and David, all cooked up by Mamma Rosanna. We DID get another couple of hours on the bike in as well! Tomorrow we visit the local fresh food market and enjoy dining at La Torre in the evening to see what surprises Luigi and his chef have in store for us.

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