Sunday, June 6, 2010

Lights, camera, PESTO!

Our host Simonetta was right when she compared enjoying pesto in Liguria with pizza in Napoli! Here it's the REAL thing. She makes hers with a bit of potato and green beans in addition to the fresh basil, pine nuts, pecorino cheese and fruity olive oil as shown here. Heather smiles as she displays the delight she's about to enjoy while our Aussie friend "Paolo" looks on as does 1/2 of Sandy (because Larry's a bad photographer and lazy photo cropper) as the plates are distributed to all. Tonight's dinner will likely be pizza (not in Napoli!) along with some micro-brewed beer from nearby Busalla, followed by gelato in the town piazza.


  1. yummy! I love pesto. Can't wait to eat it in Liguria in July. Weather finally warmed up here in (VT). Hope you're having great tour.
    ciao, b&C

  2. Hello Larry and Heather!
    Italy and you two have been on my mind much lately especially after the Giro! Sounds as if all is couldn't it be you're cycling in Italy!? Just a brief hello and hopes you and your guests have a super season. Ride a few km's for me, especially on the Stelvio. R Freitas