Saturday, June 5, 2010


Some of our small group poses on or around this Roman-era bridge near Voltaggio in Liguria. After two wonderful days and nights in the vineyards around Asti, we headed off today through Dolcetto-country (Ovada) into Liguria. We left the soft colline covered with vineyards for the steeper mountains of the Appennines of Liguria with glimpses of the sea as we climbed. Rewards for our effort were authentic Ligurian pesto (our host Simonetta says authentic pesto here is like eating authentic pizza in Napoli, there's only one place to get the real stuff! We also enjoyed some rare Ligurian wines with our dinner. Tomorrow's routes feature even more climbing than today's before we head to the Cinque Terre to complete our journey to the sea.

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  1. Karen was drooling over the pesto comments... Keep the updates coming Larry.