Tuesday, June 1, 2010


We bragged a bit about the location of our HQ hotel so here's proof of just how gorgeous it is here! We'll admit those snow-capped peaks in the distance are more often than not (at least when we're here) obscured by the pollution of Torino or Milano but the great roads, tiny villages and wonderful food and wine are always here to delight us and our clients as they arrive for our northern Italian tours. This is also the area of our self-guided Taste of Piedmont tour -- five nights at Hotel Ariotto with choices of loop rides through this kind of scenery every day (weather permitting of course) at your own pace.
Tomorrow's the official arrival day for Vineyards to the Sea. This is the first edition of this tour and we're excited to find out how our guests like it, plus we get to visit some areas we used to ride through on earlier editions of Paradise in Piedmont. Call it recycling if you will, but we're happy for the chance to revisit some of these routes with folks who will sample them for the first time.

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