Saturday, September 25, 2010

Interbike Expo 2010 Part 1

Back from Lost Wages, armpit of the world. Each year this show gets less and less about stuff and more about PEOPLE. Here you see Larry with Gianluca of Albabici, importer/distributor of our favorite SMP saddles, Hibros (chamois cream and other products) Sci-Con bags as well as Nalini/Moa clothing and shoes plus Fondriest bicycles and Bicisupport workstands. He's a wonderful guy who we try to help in any way we can, including showing you the Fondriest TF-1, actually Made in Italy, pictured in front of some other Fondriest frames he had on display. We've never been fans of carbon-fiber bicycles but we're more than willing to try one out if he wants to send one out in our size (thinly veiled hint here) -- and Gianluca's already mentioned he might take us up on the offer. More nice folks will be featured in future posts.

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