Sunday, September 19, 2010

TOMI completed

It's been too long since we've had a blog post up here! Lots of office work getting ready for 2011's tour season and a bit of cycling in the sun now and then have kept your blogger busy elsewhere. This period was planned for a step-by-step assembly feature on the TORELLI Corsa Strada we gave away earlier this year - but the nice folks at Torelli have had a few problems with delivering the bike and parts so instead Larry put together his souvenir of our time in Viterbo. A mix of Campagnolo 9-speed bits seemed to be a nice match for this bike as it will be ridden, rather than admired on a shelf. Columbus SLX tubeset, Cinelli lugs and BB shell combined with Campagnolo dropouts make this an instant classic to those in-the-know. Larry will soon be at Interbike in Las Vegas admiring more modern machines and like last year, plans to take some photos of interesting stuff you'll probably not see on the other, more industry/shopping websites and blogs.

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