Saturday, November 20, 2010

TARTUFI BIANCHI (white truffles)

Che fortuna! (what luck) was our response when we arrived at Hotel Ariotto and discovered they were doing one of their famous truffle dinners. An indulgence one can only enjoy during the short white truffle season. Since the season is short and white truffles exceedingly rare (mankind has still not figured out how to cultivate these fragrant and tasty morsels) the cost isn't low at euro 200 per 100 grams of truffle -- added to the cost of your meal and weighed out at the table like some sort of dope deal!
But since the first snow puts an end to the collection of truffles we had to take advantage of our good fortune since it has yet to snow here.
We began with Ariotto's typical antipasto plate, then the serious truffle shaving, tasting and smelling commenced - truffles shaved over risotto, then the famous tajarin (fresh egg pasta) followed by a second course of beef braised in wine. A sorbet cleared our palates for the truffle finale, a simple fried egg topped with the remaining shavings. A huge dessert in the shape of a truffle and a few of Susie's "brut e bon" cookies completed our feast. Wines were chosen by Marina to go with the meal, we started with a Chiaretto, then a Dolcetto and finished with Barolo and Moscato with our dessert.
Next we're off to Sardegna to WORK!

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