Saturday, March 16, 2013

Pizza, pizza, pazza!

One of the college students wrote a report on the national dish of Italy, complete with a demonstration, courtesy of our friends at Tempio Athena
 Here you see pizzaiolo Alberto throwing the dough while owner Tony smiles in the background. Alberto's been doing this since he was 14 years old, so he knows what he's doing, unlike "Calogero" below who they let fool around a bit since it was his idea.
 No wood oven here, just an electric one cranked up to almost 700 F! The dough is mixed up and left to rise early in the morning for pizze to be made that same night. 
 Barely 5 minutes is all it takes to bake one of these beauties to perfection.
We've sampled the pizza at a LOT of places around here and like Alberto's best. It comes the closest to the original Napoli style we enjoy most. Of course the finale of the presentation/lesson was sampling the finished products!  Grazie mille TONY, ALBERTO e tutti!

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