Sunday, March 24, 2013

Two wheels - and a motor

Two-wheeled fun of another sort - this week Larry's off to the mainland of Italia with "Il Ducatista" and wife Sara for some sightseeing, eating and drinking. First stop will be Borgo Panigale, legendary home of Ducati. We want to see the museum (Ducatista's even scored a factory tour!) before the new German owners sell off the contents! Of course we'll sample some of the best fresh-egg pasta in the world in Bologna too. From there it's over the legendary Passo Futa (legendary to Ducati fans at least) and down into Tuscany, where we'll visit Tommasini. Of course some wonderful cucina toscana will be sampled as well. From there Larry heads up to Brussels at the weekend to see the Tour of Flanders, the 4th of the 5 monuments of cycling he wants to see. For some crazy reason he agreed to take part in the citizen event on the Saturday so he's hoping for some improved weather up north. Blog posts about all of this will follow, depending on internet connections along the way. The photos are of old, classic Ducati bikes, Larry's favorite kind, including the "California HotRod" raced at Daytona. Larry's old racing sponsor had a Ducati 750 SS like this and promptly dropped it on his first ride - opening the door for a custom job sharing many elements of the HotRod, including the outlandish exhaust pipes. Sadly, photos of that project have been lost.

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