Friday, May 31, 2013

Another pilgrimage

Another one of Larry's dreams came true today - a pilgrimage to the legendary Vigorelli velodrome and a visit to the fabled MASI bike shop.
Part bike shop, part museum, under the old Velodrome, where the cycling track is no longer usable, Alberto Masi, son of the famous Faliero Masi keeps the flame burning.
Wonderful photos and collector bicycles fill the space while friendly Alberto takes care of his customers, whether they be local kids with modern 3V bicycles or Japanese collectors having their latest treasure restored by the master.

This Bianchi once belonged to Fausto Coppi - Alberto says it will never be restored, just preserved as it is.

 Perhaps one of the first Campagnolo tool kits ever made?
Truly a nice man, Alberto Masi. 

Next post will be about the other famous frame maker we ran into later at lunch. And people wonder why we LOVE this country?

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