Thursday, May 30, 2013

Finally - some good weather?

If you've been watching Euro news or following the Giro d'Italia, you know the spring weather in Italy has been less than great. Some have called this the wettest spring in decades but perhaps things are changing now? We've enjoyed sunny skies and views like this for the past few days as we prepare for our Vineyards to the Sea tour. Everything's ready to go and we've even managed to sneak in some riding around the gorgeous Monferrato hills, which as you might guess are GREEN, GREEN, GREEN!

Special Note: While Vineyards is sold-out we DO have space for one more couple (or a single who will pay the supplement charge) on Best of Piedmont. This is the tour featured in the current issue of BICYCLING Magazine with a story called "Feast your Thighs" (No, that title wasn't our idea) You'd need to arrive at Malpensa airport June 11. Email us right away if you're interested.

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