Thursday, March 17, 2016

The $2 Buck Chuck* of Italy?

Maybe this should be called "2 Euro Carlo"?

We've not been able to find out exactly why, but this Nero d'Avola, sahrade, produced by CVA Canicatti was just 2 euros a bottle in a local wine shop!!!

The folks at the wine shop said something about a promotion and when I asked if this wine was "buono" (good) they assured me it was. I was still skeptical, but their advice so far has been good and it was only 2 euros, so I took one home along with the usual sfuso bianco and rosato we get from them. We're not big fans of their sfuso Nero d'Avola but perche no (why not) try this? The price is barely more than their sfuso price of 1.40 euro a liter!

The verdict? BUONO!!! We went back to get a few more bottles and came home with a case of 6 and we hope they don't run out soon. When someone asks why we want to live in Italy, finds like these are the reasons we cite.

*We tried a red $2 Buck Chuck from Trader Joe's once a few years ago and found it undrinkable, though we've heard some vintages can be just fine.

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