Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Tired of Tires?

Above: Two of our favorite tires

You might be tired of reading about tires, but we put this up to let you know about tires on sale.

Vittoria has revamped their tires with the introduction of something called Graphene while Michelin is rumored to be announcing an entirely revamped lineup as well. The MSRP on these new tires is likely to be pretty high from what we've seen so far.

For us, this means SALES! The manufacturers need to empty their warehouses, distributors need to make space on their shelves and online retailers need to "blow 'em out" as there's nothing worse to them than "obsolete" merchandise.

But of course these tires were state-of-the art not too long ago. We shop for and buy tires NOT when ours are worn out, but when they're on-sale and right now it seems everyone's blowing out soon-to-obsolete tires at very nice prices.

Take this opportunity to stock up (hint: take 'em out of the boxes and store 'em in gallon-sized ziploc-type bags where they'll stay fresh for years) as stocks are cleared. Below are a few links to tire sales we know about or have taken advantage of recently. We scored some Vittoria Rubino Pro II's (similar to the example above) for our rental fleet for less than $20 each!

High-quality (folding bead/high thread-count) tires improve the ride of ANY bike more than you'd believe. Take this opportunity to upgrade yours at these special prices.


  1. Thanks Larry. Here's another on-line shop with some good pricing:

  2. Yes, Vittoria and Michelin seem to be close-out priced there too. Grazie!