Saturday, September 24, 2016

Bellissimo acciaio (the most beautiful steel)

Most of you well know both Larry and Heather are lovers of lugged steel bikes made in Italy. ALL of our personal bikes (with the exceptions of MTB's and a few tig-welded steel bikes here and there) are handmade, lugged steel from Italy. One of Larry's favorite things to do at Interbike (after he's visited with our Italian friends of course!) is to admire these gorgeous machines. ANYBODY still making bikes like these in Italy is a hero in our book!

We've always admired BOTTECCHIA, though for awhile they were made by a rather large industrial concern. Now the brand-name seems to be in more caring hands.

The golden age of cycling, but with modern components. What's not to love?

We are suckers for pantographing. I wonder if this could be done on carbon-fiber?

And we're suckers for chrome - something that certainly can't be done on carbon-fiber!

Colnago continues to lavish chrome on the front end of his steel bikes.

Though that's the only area these days getting the full treatment.

Olmo puts more effort into theirs as you can see.

We think it's wonderful that these companies with heritage still produce bikes that reflect it!

SOMEC has an enthusiastic importer/distributor in the USA.

Larry always enjoys saying CIAO to them!

The steel Wilier bikes are always a feast for the eye and we'd take a guess they're just as much fun to own and ride.


Even on the bottom bracket shell!

Finally, two photos of Heather's new bike. GIOS (at least the real, made-in-Italy ones) can only be purchased in Italy so we did just that this past summer. Heather had always admired the blue bikes (and Roger DeVlaeminck and the Brooklyn team) so we decided perche no? and had one built just for her.

Don't be fooled. Other bikes with this famous name on them are available throughout the world but are made in Asia, NOT Italy!  Heather's name was painted on this frame by Aldo Gios himself, just like they used to do for guys like DeVlaeminck.


  1. It's funny. I was composing almost the same post with almost the same pics. Sorry we didn't bump into each other at some point! Packing for Italy today and out on Tuesday.

  2. Yeah, we should have been elbowing each other out of the way to get the shots! Enjoy l'EROICA, are you going out to EROICA CA 2017? We just signed up, so my winter projects Scapin and Huffy now have a deadline for completion.