Thursday, September 22, 2016

Interbike 2016 - Part 1

The Interbike Expo is Larry's chance to say CIAO to all of our Italian cycling friends in one (huge) place. Sadly that place is Las Vegas, Nevada for some crazy reason, but here we are....

Above you see Larry posing with Sig. Valentino Campagnolo, the son of the founder and still the boss. He's not always at this show so I took the opportunity to offer him one of the special tribute t-shirts we had printed up. Larry had long wanted to create an homage to the famous, legendary phrase young Tullio was supposed to have said to himself  in a race over the Croce d'Aune pass when his frozen hands couldn't undo the wing nuts on his rear wheel to swap over to the other sprocket-

"Bisogna cambia qualcosa de drio."
(Something needs to be changed in the rear.)

which led to the invention of the quick-release wheel skewer, a product still in wide use today on high quality bicycles. Mr. Campagnolo seemed genuinely touched*

Next it was more light-hearted fun - for some reason the SMP saddle folks had models dressed up as nurses at their stand, so the obligatory sort-of cheesecake shot was taken. I guess it wouldn't be the bike show in 'Vegas without some attractive models to draw attention from the mostly male audience.

Tomorrow's the Campagnolo tech seminar and who knows what else?

*Update: Turns out Campagnolo is offering an amazingly similar t-shirt of their own. Ours were created without any knowledge of their plans and are not-for-sale, but you CAN buy their's, just click HERE. 
(You'll note differing dates on when the famous inspiration occured, we took ours from Campagnolo's own book "The Giant and the File" by Gianni Brera.)

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