Sunday, March 12, 2017

North American Handbuilt Bicycle Show 2017 Part 2

More photos of our new bicycle

We've received a LOT of positive comments on our tricolore paint job. Certainly not an original idea, but in the days of way-too-many matte finished black or even colored bikes, this one just looks "right" to a lot of visitors to the Favaloro/SMP stand.

Head-on view. The handlebars will be replaced with classic round instead of this flat-top version and will be fully taped. No word yet on the "Best Campagnolo-equipped Bicycle" Award winner. "People's Choice" is still up-for-grabs as well.

Favaloro chose an L-shaped brake bridge design.

Ya gotta have the "Handmade in Italy" sticker, right?

More smooth, easy to clean and easy on the eye details in back.

Next post will have photos of other bikes, we promise!

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