Monday, March 13, 2017

North American Handbuilt Bicycle Show 2017 Part 3

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Gianluca, partner at Albabici used to be a decent bike racer like so many in the Italian bike biz. We've convinced him to join us in riding EROICA CA next month. Here you see the start of his training as he tries out the Favaloro gravel bike in the hotel parking lot. Michele Favaloro rode his creation on Saturday morning in an industry-sponsored ride while the sensible ones avoided the 7 AM start in the cold in favor of sleep!

Larry gets wound up when people say Italy is a disorganized country. Really? Well, the event venue espresso machine was out-of-commission Friday morning and again on Sunday.  Larry found one on Sunday that seemed operational ....on the other side of the Salt Palace.  It was even warmed up...but could find nobody to operate it! Finally he resorted to this truck outside in the street. Italians would never tolerate situations like these.

But things improved in the afternoon when the Best Campagnolo-equipped Bicycle awards were handed out. Favaloro's Puma NTO took 2nd place! Not bad for Michele's first entry in this sort of competition, eh? Complimenti Michele!!! Buon lavoro!!!

 Here's the trophy.

From there it was a scramble to vacate the exhibit space - they clear things out pretty quickly, so we boxed everything up and made a couple of runs to Larry's hotel room to stash things before a trip to the airport to put (l-r) Gianluca, "Pitz" and Michele on the plane back to SoCal.

Since Larry was flying back to Iowa the following day he volunteered to take the boxes to the shipping center and return the van before heading to the airport (where he's typing this). Above you can see everything shoehorned into the van. There was barely room for Larry and his luggage!

Next post will feature other interesting bikes from the show.

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