Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Spring Break 2017 - finale

Our last day "training" here in sunny SoCal.  Why does everyone write training instead of just "riding"?  Of course we need training but we're mostly here for the cycling fun and nice weather.

Today was by far the nicest weather day, but we've done the other rides on our list so this short one got the nod to wind things up. First thing was a climb out of Cold Canyon (the way we descended yesterday) then along Mulholland Hwy to the turn for Stunt Road. Back in Larry's moto daze this was a very popular road though he's been up and down a time or two on a bicycle as well.

The climb starts out gently, but kicks up soon enough.

And you can see the road snaking up above you. Folks claim this climb averages 8% but we always wonder about comparisons to European climbs where it often seems they're steeper than indicated and domestic ones overstated. But in any case, it was a good workout for us!

And a nice reward, as you can see in this photo of Heather posing at the top with a view of the inland valleys and mountains.

And this view of the coast. This ride was just over 25 kilometers but still took us almost 2 hours! From here we continued in the reverse direction of Saturday's ride back to our lodging.

Tonight we'll indulge in some hedonistic pleasure HERE.

Tomorrow we'll pack the bikes up and from there Larry's off to NAHBS on Thursday

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