Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Spring Break 2017 Part 2

Still no alcohol-fueled hijinks, just ride, eat, sleep, repeat. By now you know our slogan - pedala forte, mangia bene and we try to do it even on vacation though we're calling this a "training camp". We can certainly use some training!

Sunday was pretty much washed-out so we slept in, tuned in Paris-Nice via Youtube, where the weather conditions were far worse and caught up on some other obligations. This AM the skies were clear and sunny, though a cool breeze meant more than shorts and short sleeves were needed. We headed down to Pacific Coast Hwy and up to the famous Latigo Canyon Road, one of Larry's favorite climbs from back-in-the-day when he lived in SoCal. Back then it was a long slog up here, making for a 100 mile day, something we'd avoid these days unless someone was paying us!

And while it may actually have been warmer today in Iowa than here in Malibu, there's no way the scenery or cycling challenge was ANYTHING like this!

Above you see Larry trying to look like he knows what he's doing. Especially at this time of year, it's low gears and attitude that get one up a climb like this.

Above you can see Heather looking back on the serpentine road. The only thing more fun that riding UP this is riding DOWN, but we're headed in a different direction today.

Since it's Monday, the roads are pretty quiet as all the motorized folks who barrel around up here on weekends are back at work. Peace and quiet, even at the infamous Rock Store. The descent from "The Lookout" to the store is big fun. Back-in-the-day we used to try and pass some of the slower moto pilots on the way down. Nobody was out here today except us and a few other bike riders.

Larry loves to tell the story of the day he and some cycling friends were up here and TV's Jay Leno rolled up on one of his motos. Back then, bicycle riders were rare up here, it was strictly a moto hangout. Leno climbs off his moto, takes one look at us and says, "Healthy people? Get the F--K outta here!" as the crowd broke into laughter.

We headed on along Mulholland Hwy from the Rock Store for a few miles, then turned onto Cold Canyon Road, one Larry didn't remember from his moto or bicycle days, but it was a fun descent back to our lodging.

We have one more day to ride here before it's time to put the bikes away and head off to the Handbuilt Bicycle Show in Salt Lake City. Time to get the maps out!

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