Friday, February 2, 2018


Pizza Garage?

We've passed this place a zillion times and every time Uncle Larry's said, "We have to eat there" but up until last night it never worked out.

The students played soccer last night and it was too late to come home and cook so why not finally visit this near-to-the-soccer field place?

It was pretty quiet on a Thursday night in February so we wandered in to admire the old motos Nuccio has decorated his tiny pizzeria with.

Moto Guzzi, Gilera, Benelli, etc. might not be household names in the USA but in Italy they're revered in the same way as the tiny FIAT 500 cars.

Some of the old relics look to have seen some racetrack time, most likely at the local autodromo which hosted GP auto racing back-in-the-day. Photos on the wall show the 1958 GP of Siracusa

This place is crammed full of all kinds of racing memorabilia.

Including nicely finished engines, fuel tanks, etc. Everything's Italian through and through. The pizza is OK, but nothing special here in Italy.

As some of you know, Uncle Larry has a soft spot for motorized two-wheelers, especially Italian ones. This last shot is of him during his (very) brief period as a pro Superbike racer in the early '80's.

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