Monday, February 5, 2018

The Pillbox Ride

The Pillbox Ride

When we first started cycling here years ago, Uncle Larry was struck by the number of German "pillboxes" along the roads. These date back to WWII and the German occupation of Sicily.

Back-in-day these were disguised as buildings so they were hard to see from the air, but these days the coverings are long gone, though some of the openings have been closed.

Some seem to be on private property these days and used for storing wine or oil. With the thick concrete construction the temperature inside can't change much from season to season.

You can see they've rebuilt this road and put up modern guardrails, but the pill box remains pretty much intact after 70+ years.

This ride loop passes more than pillboxes. Orange trees are full of fruit this time of year.

These red or blood oranges are tasty and juicy,

Just look at that juice!!! No artificial colors here.

And then there's a view to admire while enjoying it. It's a tough life but someone's gotta live it!

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