Tuesday, May 29, 2018


Another pilgrimage to Castellania

Our friend Piero Coppi was feeling much better this morning when we arrived to pay our respects to his famous cousins. Above you can see (L-R) Becky, Marco, Piero, Laurie and Carlo posing in front of the tombs.

After Piero treated us to lunch, we were off to see the Museum of Champions again. There was a special exhibition of bikes not usually in the museum's collection so we snapped some photos to share with you,

I think Girardengo won the Giro on this bike in 1919?

Merckx won on this one in 1968?

Coppi on this one in 1953?

And this one the terrible photographer clipped off the name.

Same for this one.

This was a special treat available only during these days. As always MILLE GRAZIE to our friend Piero Coppi and the nice folks at the Museum of Champions who kindly open the place up exclusively for us!

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