Monday, June 4, 2018


What was old is new again.

Larry wanted to put this classic TOMI bike back on the road. You can read more about it HERE but this post is more about the new groupset that makes this great old bike like new again - Campagnolo's CENTAUR 11 here in polished alloy.

Above: Front
Above: Rear
Above: Front closeup
Above: Crankset
Above: Rear derailleur and cogset
Above: Gorgeous pantographing set off nicely by the polished parts
Above: Everywhere you look there are beautiful details to admire.

This groupset was created by the folks in Vicenza in the hope of gaining some OEM spec now that bikes come pre-built in a box vs the good-old-daze where you selected a frame and your local shop wizards built it up just for you, including lacing the wheels. This groupset is certainly built-to-a-low price but it seems a return to the good old Campy days when all of their stuff worked very well, spending more money simply got you a nicer finish and less weight due to the use of more expensive and lighter materials like titanium and carbon fiber.

The reviews of Potenza were so great (and backed up by our own experience) that we thought we should have a Centaur-equipped bike to show our guests and Piedmont Cycling Resort. They can even test ride it if it's close to the right size for them!

The polished alloy was a must to go with the beautiful chrome plating and pantographing wizardry on this classic Italian steel bike.

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