Tuesday, September 4, 2018

NALINI-MOA Sport Official supplier to CycleItalia/Piedmont Cycling Resort

Click HERE to see a great story about our friends at Nalini/Moa Sport.

Many of you know we've recently switched official suppliers after many years with Italy's other major clothing maker.

Why? We can't say anything negative about our former supplier as we're still wearing a lot of their kit, but as that company was taken over by the owner's children our long-term relationship suffered. Combine this with our ever-growing relationship with Albabici, the importer/distributor of Nalini and a switch soon became a no-brainer. Read about our visit HERE.

So far they've created two great jerseys for us, our retro blue like this

 and a revised version of our original green/white/red classic.

This one you can buy HERE

We're also working on a new one for Piedmont Cycling Resort.

Thanks PEZ!

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