Thursday, January 24, 2019

CycleItalia's Great Pizza Shootout Part 2

Who Makes the World's Best Pizza? Part 2

As a trusted buona forchetta once said, "Ya gotta go and worship at the temple of pizza every now and then....just because."

This Il Tempio della Pizza slogan is even printed on the backs of the staff shirts at Da Michele!

This place is a real throwback. If they parked some period-correct cars out front and dressed the patrons in clothes to match, you'd easily be fooled into thinking it was 1940. The only modern addition to the decor that we noticed was an autographed photo on the wall of the star of Eat, Pray, Love holding a slice of pizza.

As per our shootout specifications we ordered a marinara and a margherita + beer -  not that they have any other options..though you can get normal, medium or maxi size and more cheese if you like.
Despite the low prices (4 euro for margherita normale) the meal here did cost a bit more than Sorbillo as your waiter not-so-subtlety hits you up for a tip as you pay the bill on your way out.

They hand out little paper numbers when you show up to ask for a table and on a rainy Wednesday afternoon we waited barely 10 minutes, just like at Sorbillo.

This is going to be a tough task! These pizze were excellent as you might guess. Zio Lorenzo especially liked the non-soggy center. Crust overall was the equal to Sorbillo, yet somehow different, perhaps a bit softer with slightly less loft on the edges? We both thought the marinara the better of the two and rated it slightly ahead of Sorbillo's, but we're now in ranges of 98's vs 99's out of 100. As noted above, this is going to be tough!!!

Finally, this sign was across the street as we left. If the mobsters are going to bomb any pizzeria (as they did last week with Sorbillo) perhaps they should reserve their ire for anyone putting pineapple on pizza?

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