Saturday, January 19, 2019

Reason #? for moving to Italy

Ah, to be a kid in Italy. Zio Lorenzo's like a kid in Italy when he sees things like this.

Scale-model like the old Matchbox or Hot Wheels cars he played with back-in-the-day...and with a cycling theme to top it off!

They sell things like these at newsstands (edicola) here. The idea is usually a series (like this one) of tiny models or even pieces of a kit you complete yourself by buying each one when they're issued every two weeks or so.

These days you can also subscribe online and get 'em sent to you automatically as they are released, but Uncle Larry wasn't much interested in the rest of the series, just #2, the Campagnolo van.

He'd seen #1 in the series already and was eagerly awaiting the arrival of #2 in a week or so, but Heather spied one at an edicola a few days ago so we grabbed it. Turns out the guy had two so we got 'em both.

Uncle Larry thought some of you might be interested in having one of these as well so he went out later that afternoon and bought up some more. If you're a Campagnolo fan planning to join us at Piedmont Cycling Resort this season, let us know - we may have a gift for you!

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