Sunday, February 24, 2019

CycleItalia's Great Pizza Shootout Part 5

Who Makes the World's Best Pizza? Part 5

We have to admit this was not our first sampling of the pizza from Petrucci. We've enjoyed it to-go countless times already but thought it deserved a proper shootout opportunity.

The reason we've had it to-go so often is the front door of the place is...

...literally 20 steps from this door.  This door enters the courtyard of the palazzo where we rent a small apartment.

We've read and seen online video of various "Best Pizza in Napoli" features but all of 'em go off the rails with silly comparisons including fried pizza, street pizza that you fold up to eat or some gawdawful conglomeration of toppings that remind us of the "pizza-like-substance" so popular in the USA, where emphasis is so much about the toppings the crust might as well be a disc cut out of the cardboard box!

The essential feature of our Great Pizza Shootout is that we're comparing "apples to apples" as they say. We order a Marinara and a Margherita along with beers. We cut 'em in half so we can taste 'em both. That's it. 

We originally thought we'd compile rankings with points for this or that but decided that would result in a boring rating system that would end up making all the pizze seem pretty much the same. 

We ignore how charming (or not) the waiters are, how long we have to wait in line, how long it takes for the pizza to arrive at the table, even the ambiance of the actual pizzeria. The focus is 100% on the pizza!

Despite enjoying pizza from Petrucci so many times, we were excited to see how it would rate under our semi controlled conditions:

Based on our samplings so far we rate these as "best of the rest" just behind Michele and Sorbillo. Up to this point Michele's Marinara has been our favorite while Sorbillo's Margherita gets the nod, but these were very close to both. So close that we're certain we'll need another visit to Sorbillo at least before we crown any winners.

But we've still got a couple of months and the number of pizzerie left to try remains staggering. Are we up to the challenge?

A note on Petrucci: This tab was the highest we've paid so far as they add not only a 2 euro coperto but another 10% for service to your check.

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