Saturday, January 11, 2020

Amici sportivi e piu (Sporting friends and more)

Amici Sportivi

Our new friend Salvo DiNoto poses with Harry & Leather in the Giudeca neighborhood of Ortigia.

Salvo and his family run a tiny market just past the water fountain which means Zio Lorenzo stops there more often than not to get our daily bread. Sometimes he gets more than just bread, like this wine, which he's embarrassed to reveal the price of because it's so inexpensive, but really enjoyable.

Yesterday morning Zio picked up a bottle of this vino and some cheese and fruit to go with our daily bread, but somehow the fruit didn't get into his shopping bag. On the way back home from a bike ride we swung by to get it - Salvo had set it aside and as soon as Zio walked in he handed him the bag with a smile. 

He then came outside to admire our bicycles. One thing led to another and a time was set to ride together this afternoon. Off we went for 50 kms, some of it on roads he said he'd not been on in years! Salvo's been riding MTB's for years but scored a good deal on a road bike so he's learning about another facet of the sport. We're happy to help him and hope to enjoy riding with him regularly.

He's also our "go-to" guy here locally for bottled wine, always with something interesting that he can describe in detail and always at a fair price. 


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