Wednesday, February 26, 2020

More bici d'epoca!

Even more bici d'epoca events!

We've just seen the announcement for La Langarola 2020. This means there are now FOUR different vintage bike events you can enjoy with a day-trip from Piedmont Cycling Resort.

First up on June 7 is La Canevesana an event Zio Lorenzo enjoyed back in 2016. Click HERE to read about that.

Next up is La Monsterrato on June 21. You'll see us on their webpage and can read more about our fun HERE.

Then there's La Mitica the following week, June 28. We've enjoyed this one plenty of times as you can see HERE, HERE and HERE.

Finally, on July 5 it's La Langarola. We've enjoyed this one a time or two as well. Read about that HERE, HERE and HERE.

These are fun, non-competitive events that will make you remember why you took up cycling in the first place. Your next question is likely, "But I don't have a vintage bike or I certainly don't want to fly mine over just for one of these events, so how can I participate?"

With us it's easy - just book your stay at Piedmont Cycling Resort so you'll be there during one (or more) of these events and let us know you'd like to ride with us. We'll get you an entry and fix you up for the day with one of our classic, all-steel rental bikes. While they don't comply with all of the epoca regulations, the organizers kindly let us bring our friends to ride in their events on these bikes as a courtesy.

$500 per person covers your entry (you'll need a letter from your doctor stating you're fit enough to enjoy non-competitive cycling events) the pasta party, transportation to/from the event, use of the special bike and more. You'll be back at Piedmont Cycling Resort in time for dinner with memories of cycling through a rolling museum full of friendly vintage cycling enthusiasts along with a little dust in your hair!

Contact us for more details.

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