Wednesday, April 15, 2020



Stay safe. Stay home. But do something, no matter how small.

We try not to get too political here, respecting plenty of viewpoints but when the USA's president announces he'll stop the USA's contributions to the WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION because he thinks they're favorable to China, we have to make our case and condemn this short-sighted, politically motivated tantrum at a time when the world least needs another one from our "toddler-in-chief".

Beyond that, we've decided to donate a portion of the money that the US Congress (not Donald J. Trump!) authorized the US Treasury to dole out to citizens to help with this crisis to the very same WHO.

And some to buy one of the t-shirts shown in the photo.

We're fortunate in that we don't really need the $1200 so we're donating it to organizations that do: PBS, ACLU, SPLC, WHO, etc.

If you don't really need yours either, why not donate it to organizations who really do in this difficult time?

We're all in this together!!!

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