Sunday, February 5, 2023

Carnevale 2023

 CARNEVALE Acireale 2023

Some photos from Carnevale 2023 in Acireale, an easy train ride north from Siracusa. They call this the most beautiful version in Sicily and after a few years of missing 'em due to the pandemic this was a "perche no?" moment after we saw a promo on the local news. We hopped on a train around midday here and were there well before things got going.

These things, I guess in the USA we'd call 'em floats are carri here. It's all paper mache they say, airbrushed in vivid colors with all kinds of animated features - things pop up, swing out while the characters both human and otherwise wink, smile or wave combined with fog/smoke and blasting sound.

The stop in a place on the route where they can rise up without getting tangled in overhead wires, then do their thing for about 20 minutes before it all closes back up and the thing is wheeled down the street a ways for a another display.

Crazy costumes, street food and masks are part of the fun as well.

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