Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Veloflex tires

Some things are just right!

Have you ever bought something and been delighted with...the packaging? The people at Veloflex seem to care about these things. The story (or legend) is when Vittoria tires sold out and the whole works was moved to Thailand some workers stayed in Italy and started their own company.

We love Vittoria tires, don't get us wrong (the company has been bought and sold a few times though it seems back in Italian hands now) but Veloflex remind us of the old daze of silk or high TPI cotton tubulars. And let's be clear, a great set of tires can make even a less-than-great bike ride pretty well as the installation of some high TPI, supple tires on Heather's gravel bike proved - a "night and day" difference in fact.

Conversely, a bad set of tires can make even a good bike ride like, well...crap. Zio Lorenzo's eager to put these CORSA EVOs on Heather's new Bianchi e-Aria road bike (which already rides pretty well with the mid-range Vittoria Rubino tires that came on it) to really bring it to life!

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