Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Another day in paradise

We now have moved in. The car goes back tomorrow and we're on foot or bike from this point on with exceptions for trips like seeing Milano-San Remo, etc. Our road and mountain bikes are safely in the apartment and a 20's vintage bike given to Larry as a gift is undergoing some repairs to make it ready for use as a shopping bike. Our friends fear it will be instantly stolen when locked up outside but we've purchased a heavy lock used to secure motorcycles so it'll be a determined thief who gets this old bike -- way too much effort for not much reward is our theory..not to mention there are plenty of these old things rusting away chained or locked to poles throughout Italy - and one can buy a new replica of one of these for around $300 anyway. The beautiful lights in yesterday's photo were taken down today, the holiday season is truly over, but we're hoping spring is just around the corner!

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