Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Italy on two wheels

Wonder why Italy has so many two-wheeled champions? I doubt one would find a kid's ride like this one at your local mall. Only in Italy can a 5 year-old ride this and dream of being the next MotoGP star. Note how authentic the paint job and decals look compared to the factory Ducati MotoGP bikes. Perhaps in the US of A a kid could "drive" a Jeff Gordon logo'd modified taxi-cab but I can't see a Nicky Hayden or Ben Spies toy bike on any store shelves in the US. We returned the car today so we're on two wheels or our two feet for awhile. Larry's vintage shopping bike should be ready by Saturday but the real facts are pretty much anything we need can be had inside the fortified walls or just a short stroll outside (like the bike shops--more on those in a future post) so the hassles of parking a car (we got a ticket in less than 10 minutes the other day while unloading some stuff) are not worth it in the long run.

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