Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sardegna wrap-up

Our Sardegna work is complete. In addition to the photo of our hardworking FIAT Panda, here's one of Lorenzo demonstrating one of the challenges of putting these routes together -- we passed this intersection because the street sign was not attached to the post. After a couple of loops around to find our intended route, one that would bypass the congested town center, we came back here almost certain this was the way we wanted to go. Sure enough, once Lorenzo nosed around in the weeds, he found the fallen sign and held it up for Heather to note the street name. Who knows whether the sign will be reattached by June of 2011 but for now we left it propped up against the pole and held with a rock!
We're off next to the mainland and down to southern Italy to check out a possible location for Heather's college employer to set up a satellite "semester abroad" program. Larry hopes some good pizza will come along with this visit.

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