Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Now for something completely different

We finished up the work for Sardegna Coast to Coast to Coast
and sailed back to the mainland to work on one of Heather's projects, a satellite campus for the college. A leading choice was The Vesuvian International Institute for Archaeology and the Humanities so off we went down to Castellamare di Stabia, near Naples.
The photo is the view the lucky students can see from the window of their dorm rooms! Yes, that is the famous volcano in the distance. Ancient Stabia, an area of palatial villas for rich and important Romans, was bured in the same eruption as Pompeii and has since been barely touched as an archaeological dig -- the Restoring Ancient Stabiae foundation hopes to change this in the future, meanwhile their campus is open to foreign schools to use for educational purposes. We might end up spending a semester each year here so Heather can teach and administer the program. Needless to say, just south of Napoli there is wonderful pizza to be found. More on that next time.

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