Thursday, December 2, 2010

You always remember your first time...

In this case we're talking REAL pizza! Sure, there are discs of dough baked with all kinds of stuff on them all over the world, including most every part of Italy. But for us, the true pizza exists only in and around Naples (Napoli) and we were close enough in Castellamare di Stabia to enjoy some wonderful examples as you see here -- the classic Margherita (with mozzarella di bufala of course!) and one they called "Gio Gio" with fresh tomatoes, San Daniele prosciutto and fresh arugula. How something so simple can be so good is one of the mysteries of life. Another mystery is why the quality goes down once you get 50 kms away from Naples? To truly enjoy the real thing one must venture down to the source I guess. Luckily for us, we'll likely get to have a third time (our first was just over the hill in Massa Lubrense years ago) and probably a fourth, fifth, etc. once the college study-abroad program gets going here in 2013!

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