Friday, September 30, 2011


No photos yet, Heather's got the camera and she doesn't arrive until this evening. But Larry's (jetlagged of course) having a great time. Got in yesterday afternoon in time for a shower and some unpacking before a classic piemontese dinner at Hotel Ariotto: antipasto plate with vitello tonnato (veal with tuna sauce) robiola cheese, carpaccio Ariotto, lingua con salsa verde (beef tongue with parsley, garlic and anchovy sauce) zucchini in carpione (sort of lightly "pickled") and pollo in aspic (kind of a chicken "jello") followed by a first plate of agnolotti with meat sauce. My second plate was the classic brasato al barolo (beef braised in red wine) with some more zucchini, this time cooked with burro e  salvia (butter and sage) all washed down with a Barbera di Monferrato Superiore from just over the next hill. I burned some of this off this afternoon with a ride through many of the tiny hilltowns of Monferrato - Conzano, Camagna, Vignale, Grazzano, Ottiglio, Ceresetto and Sala Monferrato just to name a few. Tomorrow we're off to see l'Eroica in Tuscany, the famous old bike rally on the strade bianche (white roads, as in dirt) where you must ride a pre-1987 bicycle and wear period kit as well. We hope to have some photos soon.

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