Sunday, October 2, 2011


Ciao from Toscana and the world-famous l'Eroica old bike rally. These are photos from Saturday afternoon, some museum exhibits, some bikes ready for the event tomorrow and some looking for new owners. Wonderful names from the past like Legnano, Gloria, etc. were represented well. The tiny town of Gaiole in Chianti was full of vendors offering old bikes and parts to complete your own restoration project. It seemed a lot like an old car rally but the participants not so stuffy. Next installment will be photos from the actual event on Sunday, where we donned our new retro-wool jerseys and took to the road, both paved and upaved.


  1. Looking forward to seeing Sunday's shots Larry.

    BTW, can you make the attached photos larger? They're too damn small to get a good view!

  2. We'll have to hook up in Gaiole next year... I had no idea another Iowan was present on le strade blanche...